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Improve Your Leasing Processes

Date: May 08, 2023 @ 02:00 PM

Who is this for?

For capital equipment manufacturers who offer leasing services with complex ecosystems and no agile product management expertise.

What's the problem/need?

With our secured open finance platform, we simplify management tasks for your teams and clients, delivering a reliable, exceptional customer experience via powerful, accessible capabilities.

  • Strict regulations
  • Business process is too slow, inefficient, or risky to be done manually
  • Integrate your state-of-art lease management software with legacy front and back office systems
  • Costs and complexities of supporting leasing solutions in different parts of the world
  • Long cycle times to review and approve leasing opportunities
  • Poor customer satisfaction and high costs in your customer support operations
  • High costs and losses due to the misapplication of cash collected from customers with complex lease contracts
  • Improve operational efficiency and compliance to provide securitization of leases

What do we offer?

Technology and services to automate your leasing processes, Agile product management methodology to deploy solutions faster, and 20+ years experience with enterprise automation, leasing, and lending processes.

How do we address your needs uniquely compared to competitors?

We leverage a proven methodology for agile product management. See how we used both Agile and Visual Models to roll out a Global Credit Transformation at Dell.



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