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CHB Leverages Generational Differences to Create Value

July 02, 2020, 07:04 AM
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Baby boomers think everything revolves around them. Traditionalists are old-fashioned. Millennials are never on time. X-gens have no identity. Zs are buried in their isolation devices.

As numerous generational studies have shown, stereotypes and labels abound among employees in today’s work force. These labels have generally described an entire age group of individuals, some based-on fact and some on over-simplifications. Regardless of definitions, today’s workforce consists of five major generations greatly influenced by the events and technology of the era in which they were born. Despite these differences, CHB’s five-generation staff has overcome these age-group challenges and created greater value for its customers.

Today’s mix of generations are the Traditionalists (born before 1946), Baby Boomers (1946-1964), the X-gens (1965-1979), the Y-gen or Millennials (1980-1995), and the Z-gen (born after 1995) also called i- gen (for iPhone, iPad, iPod).

At CHB, its 22 staff members represent all five generations. Never before in the company’s past ha it had such a wide mix of multiple generations working simultaneously. These multiple generations are having a unique and profound impact on CHB, and U.S. businesses in general, through the ongoing balance of honoring tradition and pioneering change.

In 2015, Millennials became the largest generation in the US workforce, followed closely by the X-gens. Although outsized in this metric, Baby Boomers still hold most societal leadership roles; thus, their influence continues to be strong, albeit waning. At CHB, these paradigms are upside down; only 20 percent of the managerial positions are held by Boomers, 60 percent are Xs and one a Traditionalist…the company’s founder, Chuck Brown. Despite this difference, CHB X-gen leaders observe and listen to the inputs and suggestions from the wisdom of its more experienced associates and utilize a collaborative decision-making model that values each team member’s opinion.

Further, CHB values and embraces the skill set and abilities inherent in its Z-gen staff. The integration of web-based tools, advanced communications equipment and increased personnel interaction have helped contribute to CHB’s rapid underwriting decisions and reduced loan processing times. For example, CHB recently implemented a credit origination software application, which made it possible to retire the former paper-based system. This technology-driven system will help CHB further reduce its decision cycle thereby saving third-party originators and borrowers precious time.

CHB’s customers are just as diverse as its five generations staff. The CHB Team has overcome some generational differences among its staff through education and training, closely working together, and by better relating to one another. These efforts have reduced single-minded perceptions, created greater empathy, and improved the staff’s ability to understand its clients’ needs, wants and desires.

The CHB staff has embraced generational diversity! Each members’ work and contributions in a multi-generational company where everyone can reach their full potential and collaboration is expected and is not only productive but also constructive. In this environment, CHB delivers a value-added equipment finance product to its customers by observing, listening, learning, adapting, implementing new technologies and healthier relations with each other.

CHB provides competitive fixed-rate loans and leases and has the ability to operate in 49 states.  It is part of Platte Valley Financial Service Companies, Inc. which in addition to C.H. Brown Co. LLC., Wheatland, Wyoming also consist of Platte Valley Bank in Scottsbluff, Gering, Bridgeport, Morrill, and Sidney Nebraska; Platte Valley Bank in Casper, Torrington, Cheyenne and Wheatland, Wyoming; Mountain Valley Bank in Walden, Steamboat Springs, Hayden, and Meeker, Colorado; J.G. Elliott Insurance Center in Scottsbluff, Nebraska and Casper, Torrington and Wheatland, Wyoming.

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