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C2 Management Joins NEFA

July 15, 2021, 07:05 AM
Filed Under: NEFA

C2 Management, a rapidly growing Virginia reuse and recycle specialist, has joined National Equipment Finance Association (NEFA). The company sees value in NEFA membership amidst a strong push for organizations to contract for these services with companies that are certified,

"Questions that companies are being asked about the vendors they utilize for reuse and recycling have positioned certified companies like ours well to benefit from membership in many associations," said C2 Management CEO Chris Hansen, "but the efforts required to be a quality member make us think hard about which ones to join."

C2 recently joined The Electronics Reuse & Recycling Alliance (TERRA) to help spotlight certification (Recycling Today), and the company sees NEFA membership as a strategic place to showcase this certification amongst members who can directly benefit from the services they offer.

"The consulting side of our business is growing quickly," said Hansen. "We can arrange buyouts of equipment under lease to make the way for new transactions. We can also identify income streams for underused or obsolete assets that can furnish companies with capital to update their equipment."

C2 Management Finance Supervisor Julie Gossett is pleased to see the company highlighting the consulting side of the business and was instrumental in C2 joining NEFA. "Responsible and profitable asset disposition at the end of a lease will always benefit leaseholders, but we view joining NEFA as way of letting these companies know that we can be of real value to them way before that happens," said Gossett.

NEFA Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer Chad Sluss welcomed C2 to the organization and compliments them for seeking new avenues to grow their business. "Joining NEFA will not only allow C2 to cast a wide net among brokers and lessors, but they will also have access to the large number of members that are looking to associate with these industries as well," said Sluss. "The idea that C2 promotes responsible green practices as a certified company is very welcome at NEFA."

C2 is counting on the wide continuum of reuse and recycling services it offers to appeal to the many associate members. The company has had over 200,000 unique buyers in the last 20 years and has experience with every type of asset. "We do not restrict ourselves to any one type of material or asset," said Hansen. "We regularly profit share with companies that bring us industrial assets and medical equipment, but we also decommission data centers."

Robert Hanna, NEFA's Chairperson of the Membership Committee and Director of National Sales & Marketing at Boston law firm Cohn & Dussi, LLC, congratulated C2 on joining recently and sees the diversity in NEFA membership as a big opportunity for them. "The many networking venues that NEFA provides its members will allow C2 to connect with a variety of companies creating long term win-win relationships," said Hanna. "With regards to funders and finance companies specifically, I can see where C2 could easily bring valuable options in the final years of a lease."

C2 Management has been an R2 certified company for a decade, which means the company goes through a rigorous annual auditing process that ensures environmental responsibility, and CEO Hansen looks forward to spotlighting this to NEFA membership. "Regardless of what capacity we end up collaborating with NEFA members in, we consider certification to be a key concept for us and we look forward to talking about it with all of them."

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